Khamis, Mei 14, 2015

Hello guys! It's been awhile since the last time i blogged. hahaha honestly, i can't exactly recall when was the last time i share my not-so-called story here.

So now i'm just gonna share a quick history about how i started blogging. -i LOL(ed) at this HAHA

I basically started blogging when i was in Standard 6, right after i finished my UPSR!
During my time, we can only have facebook, and twitter account after we finished our big exam which is UPSR.
but nowadays... (i have no comment for that)

So, i actually start posting posts in my blog when i was in Form 3
(it was actually a peer influenced from my bestfriend)
My posts were basically about my daily routine, feelings, thoughts & love posts for my boyfriend (LOL) -because i thinks he might read my blog, who knows? [he's my ex now, congratulation for that]

And then, when i was in Form 4, i was sooo busy with school. Superb busy i tell you! until i stop blogging for quite sometimes.

Somewhere in September 2014 something happened and triggered me to start writing back (after so long)
My posts since that were all sad and moody and emo-full with tears LOLOLOL

AND NOW-bang bang!!
Im back!! I deleted ALL my previous post hahah
Tbh, I was laughing so hard reading my old posts like ohemgee so clingy and childish.
But some of them, are good to be remember :)

So thats it for now. Wow, a very long i mean a superb long first entry! -nah its okay, its up to you to read it or not
It wont harm me either.

-love, Alia

p/s; sorry for the grammar errors! Am not so good in English Language. Anything kindly leave a comment below! muahciked 😘

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